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About us


Our vision is to assist people in realising their commercial ideas, plans and goals within the dynamics of an increasingly complex and global society.


As auditors and tax consultants we consider ourselves

experts and expert witnesses

  • in regard to financial reports and other financial services
  • in finding tax law and commercial service solutions, in providing expert testimony, and in providing represention before tax authorities

as business consultants

  • in the planning, establishment and acquisition of companies
  • in business development and internationalisation
  • in the planning and implementation of the sale of companies and the succession of family businesses

as service providers

  • in providing support with accounting through bookkeeping and payroll accounting
  • in the creation of internal reports and the setup of management accounting systems
  • in taking over administrative outsourcing tasks
  • in the compilation of annual financial reports

as mediators

  • in providing business mediation to resolve conflicts
  • in assisting decision makers in conflicts
  • in providing introduction and training of mediative skills in the management of companies


The following fundamental values guide our work:

  • Quality, clarity and transparency in all that we do
  • Successful relationships through appreciation
  • Personal responsibility in all levels of the organisation
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation as a methodology
  • Leadership through mediative skills

Our approach to consulting

The foundation of our consulting comprises three components: mediative skills, interdisciplinary cooperation and the provision of professional services.

Mediative skills are based on five basic elements:

  • Language, speech and listening
  • Emotions and bodily awareness
  • Successful relationships
  • A basis of interest
  • Neurobiology

In our communication with our clients we pay attention to the content, while trying to understand the underlying interests. The goal is achieve a high degree of self-determination for our clients, which is only possible when we understand their interests. We work with differences in verbal and nonverbal communication, which we perceive and address, and are supported by an understanding of neurobiology, which posits that the memory of experiences reacts unconsciously before conscious cognitive reactions take place. We are confident that solutions can be achieved more efficiently through this method.

However, our skills also have their boundaries, which is why professionalism also requires interdisciplinary work. Take advantage of our exclusive network of specialists: financial institutions, lawyers and sector experts.

The provision of professional services based on an established scientific basis forms the foundation of our quality standards.